So who are the crazies running this site? Well, the partners-in-crime are:


  • Name: Nemi
  • Class: None
  • Job: Concept, half-assed translator, endless resource of all things Shadow Hearts
  • Favourite character: Yuri Hyuga and Karin Koenig
  • SH quote: (insert any Grand Papillion speech here)

    Is not actually a dead bunny.



  • Name: Maiji/Mary Huang
  • Class: Wind
  • Job: Site design, spin doctor, content compilation, history/mythology resource, whining
  • Favourite character: Yuri Hyuga
  • SH quote: "BAAACCOOONN!!"

    A fun-loving black squirrel from the mystic land of ice and snow (otherwise known as Canada). Loves drawing, eating, funking to music.



    Have any questions or comments? Compliments or complaints? Obsessive praise or death threats? :D;; Send them all to us at the ICARO email address!

    Credits & Thanks

    Sacnoth/Nautilus for creating the series, SNK & Aruze for publishing the games, and Infogrames & Midway for translating them. :D

    Official Shadow Hearts and Shadow Hearts: Covenant sites, and the Shadow Hearts II World Guidance book for character information.

    Our local libraries and countless internet resources for research material.

    maskrider, for letting us use his screenshots.

    Tuplica, for the Alice model kit pictures.

    Luna, for game data/script checking.

    And of course, VIEWERS LIKE YOU. xD