Theme: "Behind the Scenes"

In celebration of the upcoming Director's Cut of SH2 (also nemi and maiji lamenting that they can't enter the Japanese contest XD;;), we are proud to present you ICARO's first fanart contest!

In the spirit of the Director's Cut, the theme is "Behind the Scenes", aka. scenes we never saw. Illustrate something you would have liked to see, in any of the games (Koudelka, Shadow Hearts or Shadow Hearts: Covenant), that never actually happened. Or something that was touched upon or mentioned - perhaps an allusion to the past - but was never really shown. Perhaps a character's fond memory? Or some crazy twist on canon story? What can the loving, obsessive or disturbed little SH fan in you dream up? Feel free to make it as silly or as serious as you want.

Oh yes, did we mention there are prizes? :^D

(1) Grand Prize: Shadow Hearts Original Soundtracks plus1 (SCDC-00403~404)

Of course, since this is a SH-related contest, we realize there is a good chance the winner may already own this CD. In that case, the winner may alternatively choose to receive a gift certificate for an online store of his/her choice.*

(2) Runner-up Prizes: $5 gift certificate to an online store of your choice*
1 "Creativity Award" (for ... creativity xD ingenuity, and imagination)
1 "Draughtsmanship Award" (for execution of idea, technical skill)

1. Winners to be decided by a panel of judges
2. All entries must be original artwork created by the entree. We realize this is a fanart contest, and you will be drawing existing characters, but there are a couple big no-no's:

  • No submitting other people's artwork and claming it as your own
  • No tracing, copying or modifying of existing artwork
  • Anyone caught violating this rule will be automatically disqualified from the contest
    3. Please keep your work rated PG-13! Try to refrain from explicit/gratuitious gore or sex. If you have any concerns as to the appropriateness of your piece, feel free to ask
    4. Send your entry in JPG or GIF format, and choice of grand prize (CD or gift certificate) to here, with the subject line "Behind the Scenes entry"
    5. Gmail does have a ton of storage space, but please try to keep your entries to reasonable file sizes
    6. Entries must be received by April 6th, 11:59 pm UTC/GMT -5 hours (Hawaii)

    *Choice of store to be discussed between the winner and contest sponsors. Obviously, there are some restrictions - said store must offer online gift certificates, accept US dollars, be of good reputation, etc.

    Q: Can I submit more than one entry?
    A: Yes you may, but you will still only be eligible to win one of the prizes.

    Q: If I choose the gift certificate as the grand prize, how much will it be for?
    A: The grand prize gift certificate is roughly the same value as the CD (US$20).

    Q: Can people outside of the US enter?
    A: Yes, as long at the US Post Office lets us send the prize to you! (preferably via Global Priority Mail) See here for the restrictions & rates the USPS has for different countries. In the case of gift certificates, there should be no problem there as long as we can buy online gift certificates from your chosen store.

    We are also looking for a guest judge for this contest. The guest judge cannot be an entrant. Applicants need to be available online March 24th for same-day judging. If you'd like to help out, fill out the form below and send your answers to here with the subject line "Guest Judge Application"

  • A brief description of who you are
  • Games you have played within the series (Koudelka/SH/SH:C) and whether or not you've completed them
  • Why you think you would make a good judge
  • Any art-related background or experience you may have
  • Online contact information (email/instant messaging)

    Applications are due by March 16th.

    Disclaimer: This contest is in no way affiliated with Aruze, Nautilus/Sacnoth, SNK or Midway. Please don't sue us, we're just a couple of poor college kids. XD;;