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  • Angel's Fear: Hiroki Kikuta's Official Website (Japanese)
  • Twintail Studio (Yoshitaka Hirota) (Japanese)
  • LOBO: The secret house in snow forest (Iwahara Yuji) (Japanese)
  • Mio Isayami Official Homepage ("Getsurenka" vocalist) (Japanese)
  • Go GameMusic! Interviews Yoshitaka Hirota on Shadow Hearts 2
  • RocketBaby's interview with Hiroki Kikuta
  • RocketBaby's interview with Yoshitaka Hirota


  • Shadow Hearts Official Site (Japanese)
  • Shadow Hearts (LJ community)
  • Shadow Hearts Lair (Chinese)
  • "Shadow Hearts" entry @ Wikipedia
  • ZOG::Shadow Hearts Series
  • Desire...


  • Koudelka Director's Cut (Japanese)
  • Koudelka @ GameFAQs
  • pale legions towards the sable train: A Koudelka Fansite
  • Koudelka Scanlations
  • Koudelka Information Page (Japanese)
  • Koudelka Web (Japanese)
  • Koudelka Saisaku Honbu (Japanese)

    Shadow Hearts

  • GPara: Shadow Hearts (Japanese)
  • Shadow Hearts @ GameFAQs
  • Shadow Hearts (French)

    Shadow Hearts: Covenant

  • Shadow Hearts Covenant Official Site
  • Softbank PS Special "Shadow Hearts II" (Japanese)
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  • PenPen World: Shadow Hearts II

    Shadow Hearts: From the New World

  • Shadow Hearts: From the New World Official Site



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