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Looking for imported Shadow Hearts games and soundtracks? We've listed here all the SH items availible at Play-Asia. I (nemi) personally order from them often and I highly recommend their services. Also, with most orders you get a $5 off $50 coupon for your next order. And of course, buying through these links will help support ICARO.


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    Shadow Hearts: From the New World (Limited Deluxe Pack)
    NTSC Japanese version, due out July 28, 2005

    Deluxe Pack includes the game, image DVD, special CD, Johnny T-Shirt, Shania keychain, 3 Valentine siblings cell phone straps, and B5 notebook.
    Pre-Order $129.00 @ Play-Asia

    Shadow Hearts: From the New World
    NTSC Japanese version, due out July 28, 2005
    Pre-Order $64.90 @ Play-Asia
    Shadow Hearts II Director's Cut
    NTSC Japanese version
    Buy $38.90 @ Play-Asia
    Shadow Hearts II
    NTSC Japanese version
    Buy @ Play-Asia
    Shadow Hearts II DX Pack
    NTSC Japanese version
    Comes with DVD, pendant and 2 coasters in a box
    Buy @ Play-Asia
    Shadow Hearts: Covenant
    NTSC English-language version
    Buy $24.90 @ Play-Asia
    Shadow Hearts (PlayStation2 The Best)
    NTSC Japanese version
    Comes with bonus DVD
    Buy $28.90 @ Play-Asia
    near death experience
    Shadow Hearts series remix album
    Pre-order $29.90 @ Play-Asia
    Shadow Hearts: From the New World Original Soundtrack
    Pre-order $31.90 @ Play-Asia
    Shadow Hearts II Original Soundtracks
    2-disc set
    Track listing
    Buy $31.90 @ Play-Asia
    Shadow Hearts Original Soundtrack plus1
    2-disc set
    Track listing
    Buy $19.90 @ Play-Asia
    Koudelka Original Soundtrack
    Track listing
    Buy $27.90 @ Play-Asia

    Where to buy

    For other items and more shopping alternatives, we've listed here more stores and services where you can buy SH related items. Most of the following applies to those in North America, particularly the USA. If you want to contribute info on buying SH goods in other countries, feel free to contact us.


    Recent English-language releases are fairly easy to find in brick-and-mortar stores. Most game stores, or stores with a good selection of games, will mostly likely carry Shadow Hearts: Covenant. Also very recently, many stores have been dropping the price of SH:C to US$29.99. The original Shadow Hearts is harder to find brand new, though the availability of used copies range from somewhat common to moderate. Koudelka, new or used, seems to be rather scare these days.

    For shopping online, there are many choices. Websites of B&M retailers like GameStop, EB Games, Best Buy, Circuit City, Target (also good for checking if your local store has the game in stock). Also online retailers like Amazon,, Overstock, and game specialty stores like Video Game Depot, eStarLand, Game Express and BreGames.

    As for import titles, online store are usually the way to go. As shown above, Play-Asia is a store we personally recommend. Lik-Sang is similar import store, Video Game Depot and YesAsia also have a descent selection of imports, and NCS is long-time, reliable name in the import business.


    As above, Play-Asia carries both SH soundtracks. YesAsia carries both as well, and while their prices are a little higher, they do offer free shipping on order over $39. For ordering CDs straight from Japan, CD Japan and Amazon Japan. They also carry the Koudelka soundtrack. The Koudelka drama CD has been out of print for a while, and can probably only be found used.

    Books & Manga

    The BradyGames guide for SH:C is easy to find at major book retailers like Amazon or major game stores. The Prima Koudelka guide has been out of print for a while and is quite rare.

    Several major cities, especially ones with Japantowns, will often have a large Japanese bookstore like Kinokuniya or Asahiya. While their stock will vary, they will usually do special orders for you if you ask.

    Online, Amazon Japan is always a good all-purpose source for Japanese books, though their international shipping can be a bit high. Fujisan is a "Japanese Online Superstore" with an easy form for special ordering books. On the domestic side, many anime retailers offer a good selection of import artbooks. AnimeBooks is one such store that specializes in artbooks, though their prices can be a high compared to the original yen price.

    Most SH books are still in print, while the Koudelka-related ones are out-of-print.


    Unfortunately, most of the merchandise aside from the above categories documented on ICARO are promotional items, and were never intended for retail sale. That being said, trying your luck on eBay is probably the easiest way. If you're willing to spend more, these kinds of items show up more on Yahoo! Japan Auctions. Of course, it can be difficult to bid if don't actually live in Japan. There are many "deputy services" that will help you bid for a fee: Shopping Mall Japan, Rinkya and Celga are some of the major services.