Edward Plunkett

  • Original Name: Edward Plunkett (エドワード・プランケット )
  • Age: ?
  • Special Skills: Physical Strength; Knowledge of Poetry.
  • Voice: Michael Bradberry
  • Drama CD voice: Ryoutarou Okiayu

    Edward was born in London and grew up in a wealthy family that was not blessed with much love. He dropped out of university and traveled around, with no clear destination in mind. Edward tried his hand at crime, but he was not intimidating and could not scare other people. He has trained himself in many skills and has an egotistical pride in his ability to survive with no one's help.

    Oddly, he is also a romantic who loves to read poetry. He has been searching for something all his life, but he still does not know what. Edward feels at odds with the peaceful society he finds himself in and feels like he was born in the wrong time period. He is usually quite talkative and cheerful, but at times he can be extremely cold-hearted. He has come to the monastery to investigate the rumors that he has heard.