James O'Flaherty

  • Original Name: James O'Flaherty (ジェームズ・オフラハティー )
  • Age: ?
  • Special Skills: Intelligence; Industriousness.
  • Voice: Scott Larson
  • Drama CD voice: Rokuro Naya

    Father O'Flaherty was born in a merchant family in Ireland. He majored in science at an English university, but he later decided to enter the priesthood. He was eventually ordained as a Bishop and worked at the Vatican for several years. While he was still in university, he fell in love with a beautiful woman, but he lost her to a friend because of his poor financial situation. He has had a broken heart ever since, but he feels that his covetous feelings are sinful and tries to suppress them.

    He is old fashioned in his sense of values and is quite conventional. He can be very stubborn, especially about matters related to his faith.

    He is very studious by nature and is very knowledgeable about natural science, history, physics and religious mysteries. He visits the monastery to retrieve something that was stolen. Father O'Flaherty loves old poetry. Edward, on the other hand, likes the work of more recent poets, such as Byron. As a consequence, they sometimes get into terrific arguments about poetry. However, they both love Shakespeare and will sometimes reenact the bard's dialogue together.