Koudelka Iasant

  • Original Name: Koudelka Iasant (クーデルカ・イアサント )
  • Age: 19(?)
  • Special Skills: Dousing; Healing; Communicating with the spirit world.
  • Voice: Vivianna Bateman
  • Drama CD voice: Yui Horie

    Koudelka was born to a very poor family in a remote Welsh village. Even as a child, strange things seemed to follow in her path. She began to display strong psychic abilities, which frightened her family and neighbors. People began to say that she was possessed, and one night they chased her from the village. In 1888, when Koudelka was nine years old, she was found in London by Mrs. Blavatsky, who was also a medium for the spirits. Mrs. Blavatsky raised Koudelka as her daughter until she passed away in 1891.

    Once again, Koudelka was all alone. She set off traveling around England, supporting herself by finding lost articles for other people and serving as a medium for those who wished to communicate with the spirit world. Koudelka is still young, but she is very streetwise after having spent most of her life on her own. She acts in a very mature manner, but she is sometimes snide and contemptuous. She usually has a displeased look on her face, and she has a very bleak attitude. Sometimes, however, a bit of softness does escape from her hard shell. She has a tendency to stick up for people who are discriminated against or for those who are not loved by anyone. She has come to the monastery because she felt the call of a strong spirit, summoning her there.