Alice Elliot

  • Original Name: Alice Eliot (アリス・エリオット)
  • Age: 20
  • Nationality: English
  • Class: Light
  • Voice: ???? (Japanese), Veronica Taylor (English)

    Raised in London, Alice began to hear supernatural voices at a young age and became an exorcist, helping her father perform exorcisms. Now, people of influence want to capture her and use her power for their own purposes. She is shy and introverted at first, but her perky personality returns as she embarks on her journey with Yuri.

    Our "Girl in Danger" belonged to a family devoted to God's service, and she was born with extremely strong sensitivity and capability to channel supernatural power. Zhuzhen refers to her astonishing abilities and heightened perception as "demon eyes".

    Her father, the priest Morris Elliot, was travelling with his daughter to Rouen, France to see a fellow priest. Before they were able to meet, however, father and daughter were attacked by Roger Bacon. Father Elliot was massacred while Alice escaped, only to be caught by the Japanese army who also desired the use of her powers. High-ranking officers ordered an escort for her to Japan, via the Trans-Siberian Express which was on its way to Fengtian.

    Alice is no fighter, but she is a strong and compassionate girl with great skill in exorcism and healing.

    Her mother lives in Zurich.

    Alice's father Morris was searching with his friend, Father James O'Flaherty, for a number of valuable books of knowledge stolen from the Vatican. In 1899, Father O'Flaherty left for Wales to follow up on a clue, but disappeared. His adventures are detailed in Koudelka.

    Alice's father continued to track the thief himself, and his search eventually guided him to the powerful warlock "Roger Bacon" (actually Albert Simon using Bacon's name). He also learned that this warlock, and others of his calibre of power (Dehuai), desired to use Alice as the key to a deadly Valorization ritual. A third priest, Father Doyle, informed them of a Cardinal named Albert Simon who had the means to stand against "Bacon". Together, father and daughter travelled to Rouen to meet them.

    There they found the church door locked, and "Roger Bacon" waiting for them in the alley.

    History & Mythology

    Exorcism (from the Greek exorkizo: "to administer/bind by an oath" or "to banish an evil spirit") refers to a ritual or ceremony with the purpose of driving out an unwanted spirit that has somehow gained control of a person, place or object. This spirit could be a demon (sent by the devil) or the soul of a once-living thing. Misfortunes and diseases were often associated with the possession of an evil spirit.

    The bible contains many stories of Jesus directly casting demons out of possessed humans, and also tells of him passing this power onto his disciples. The Catholic Church outlines an exorcism ritual with prayer, sprinkling of holy water, and the use of other sacred objects such as the cross or the bible.

    Today exorcism is most commonly associated with the Christian faith, although such practices exist in religions around the world. In other cultures, shamans and witch doctors would be called upon to ward off the malicious gaze of the "evil eye". Numerous charms and talismans exist, and are used even today, for protection against evil. Many operate by hoping to distract, confuse or frighten away spirits through trickery. Rituals also existed for negotiating with the spirits.

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