Ben Hyuga

  • Original Name: Jinpachirou Hyuuga (日向甚八郎(ひゅうが・じんぱちろう) )
  • Age: ??
  • Nationality: Japanese
  • Class: Dark
  • Voice:

    A Japanese colonel who disappeared during a secret mission on the continent in 1900. Rumored to have special powers.

    Yuri's father. Due to the nature of his work, he was often away from home. In spite of his numerous absences, Yuri's memories depict a strong and loving parent.

    A handsome and solemn-looking man, he actually has a personality very similar to Yuri's.

    Ben was sent by the Japanese army, which had been monitoring Dehuai's activities, to travel to Shanghai and assassinate the warlock. He and his friend Zhongyun Zhen rescued Zhuzhen from Wugui. Together, the three of them confronted Dehuai and waged a fierce battle. He sacrificed his life to stop Dehuai's Demon's Gate Invocation by fusing with the summoned spirit, and allowing Zhuzhen to kill him.

    He recognized the strain his work put upon his family, and he regretted the time he lost between him and his son.

    When Yuri's mind is overwhelmed by the blind power of the Seraphic Radiance, it is he who seals away the Spirit of Bronze to protect his son.

    History & Mythology

    In progress :p