Halley Brancket

  • Original Name:
  • Age: 12
  • Nationality:
  • Class: Wind
  • Voice: ?

    The young leader of the London Rats, Halley looks out for the other orphans like a protective older brother. In spite of his age, he manages to take care of them all with the help of Old Carl, a friendly and knowledgable man who lives on the outskirts of town.

    Halley possess strong psychic powers, but he has not yet gained full control of them. When he feels intense emotion, particularly rage, this power is released in frenetic waves of energy that can destroy the entire surrounding area.

    He became an orphan when he and his mother were pursued by the Friar Knights of the Inquisition, who considered their supernatural abilities witchcraft. His mother gave herself up and abandoned Halley to save him, and was locked up in Calios Mental Hospital.

    Halley is the son of Koudelka and (evidence points towards) Edward Plunkett.