Koudelka Iasant

  • Original Name:
  • Age: -
  • Nationality: ??
  • Class: Fire
  • Voice:

    A mysterious woman who knows the truth behind the string of incidents. She disappeared after the Nemeton Monastery went up in flames. She has strong mystical strength.

    Also appears in: Koudelka

    After the events of Koudelka, she bore a son named Halley (believed to have been fathered by Edward Plunkett). She was separated from him after being captured by the Friar Knights of the Inquisition and imprisoned in Calios Mental Hospital.

    Koudelka is the owner of the mysterious voice which guides Yuri through his journey. Her capacity to channel great power makes her the key of darkness to Alice's key of light; either one is suitable for Albert Simon's purpose. However, Koudelka proved difficult to coerce, forcing him to pursue Alice instead. When her son's life is threatened, however, she agrees to serve as the key for Simon's ritual.