Margarete Gertrude Zelle

  • Original Name: Margareta G. Zelle (マルガリータ・G・ツェル )
  • Age: unknown
  • Nationality: ?
  • Class: Water
  • Special Skill: Secret weapons
  • Voice: ??? (Japanese), ??? (English)

    She is a world famous spy. She meets Yuri and Alice by chance and decides to tag along on their journey.

    (from Japanese profile)
    A secret agent for a certain large country.
    Being a bomb specialist, she takes great pride in her work.
    Her codename is Malkovich.
    For the purpose of surveilling the movements of the Japanese army, she infiltrates China. After meeting Yuri and the others, she tags along with them out of curiosity.

    Margarete, code name Malkovich, is an expert in the arts of espionage. Yuri and Alice first meet this "Alluring Spy" in Fengtian, after accidentally walking straight into a bomb alarm she set to distract civilians while impeding the Japanese army's operations.

    She tags along with the two to learn more about their mysterious powers, believing that this information will give her country the upper hand. As she journeys with them, however, she finds this objective to be meaningless compared to fighting alongside them. She grows to envy and admire the bond that Yuri and Alice share, as well as their freedom from the burdens and responsibilities that come with a life seeped in politics, national interest, and other material concerns.

    She has posed as an American journalist researching the subject of "War and Orphans", and has also told Alice that her home is in Paris.

    History & Mythology

    Mata Hari
    Margaretha Geertruida Zelle (1876-1917) was born to an extremely well-to-do Dutch family, and would become infamous in World War I as the German spy Mata Hari.

    In 1903 she moved to Paris, hoping to become a dancer. She worked as a prostitute, and eventually reinvented herself as the Indian dancer Mata Hari - Malay for "eye of dawn". She became a sensation for her exotic, erotic performances.

    During this time she had intimate relations with a number of military figures, and was convinced to spy for German causes, becoming agent H-21. She also acted as a double agent, supposedly spying on Germany for the French. Reports and other evidence seem to indicate that many of her efforts were tainted through counterespionage - she was used and purposefully fed information that was intended to be given to the enemy.

    Through Mata Hari's interactions with high-ranking officials during World War I, many Allied soldiers lost their lives. In 1917 she was arrested, imprisoned, tried and sentenced to death by the French. She died at the age of 41 at the hands of the firing squad.

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