Alice Elliot

  • Original Name: Alice Elliot (アリス・エリオット )
  • Age: 20
  • Nationality: English
  • Class: Light
  • Special Skill: White Magic
  • Voice: Chie Sawaguchi (Japanese), Georgette Rose (English)

    Heroine from previous adventure. During the battle with Albert, she sacrificed herself to save her lover's soul. Her cute exterior belies her strong will.

    (continued from Japanese profile)
    Since ability of exorcism had awakened in her at a young age, she has helped her father, who is also a priest, continue the job of exorcism. Wanting her power, Bacon attacked them in Paris, and her father sacrificed his life to save her.

    However, half a year later, in the foreign country called Manchuria, she was captured by the Japanese army.

    Also appears in: Shadow Hearts

    Following the bad ending of Shadow Hearts, Alice sacrificed her soul, in lieu of Yuri's, to the Seven-Eyed Mask, protecting him from the Harmonixer's fate. Hiding her physical torment from him to the very end, she finally passed away en route to Zurich.

    She was buried there, wrapped in Yuri's coat, in a grave he dug with his own hands.

    When Yuri first retrieves the ノmigr Manuscript to rescue Roger Bacon, he unwittingly entertains thoughts of resurrecting Alice with its magic. Later, when Kato returns the ノmigr Manuscript, these thoughts are further encouraged. Finally, after the confrontation with Minister Ishimura, Roger Bacon throws caution to the wind and promises to help Yuri attempt the ritual, in spite of the potential disastrous consequences.

    After retrieving materials from Queen's Garden, they follow the ノmigr Manuscript's instructions together in Roger's lab. A vessel is created for Alice's soul, but the ritual goes awry as in previous attempts and it begins to disintegrate. Heartbreakingly, at the very last second - for the very first time in all the instances the ritual has been attempted - the correct soul is actually called back. Before the vessel crumbles away completely, Alice speaks to Yuri for the last time in his waking moments: "I love you ..."

    All along, she has been waiting for him on a train in the recesses of his soul.

    Her gravestone is inscribed: "Be at peace, Alice Elliot! This I swear. Your soul will have my lifelong love... Yours, Yuri."