Kurando Inugami

  • Original Name: Kurando Inugami (犬神蔵人(いぬがみ・くらんど))
  • Age: 17
  • Nationality: Japanese
  • Class: Light
  • Special Skill: Calligraphy

    This brave young swordsman trails his master and his master's daughter like a shadow and is always there to protect them with his life.

    Despite his boyish looks, he is a master swordsman of the Mugairyu school.

    This and his ability to demon morph makes him a fearsome enemy.

    Kurando encounters Yuri and co. in Yokohama while guarding his master, Naniwa Kawashima, and his master's daughter (whom he calls Princess) from Ishimura's underlings and kidnappers.

    He is slightly built, but very strong, and has a serious and respectful personality (completely the opposite of Yuri!). For Anastasia, it is love at first sight. <3 He seems taken aback, but not at all put off by her behaviour towards him.

    He is Yuri's cousin from his mother Saki's side, and also has the harmonixer blood within him. Unlike Yuri, however, it has not awakened. He first begins to access it when, through Garan's power, he becomes possessed by the moon goddess Tsukiyomi. Kurando's full powers are unlocked by Saki after she receives a message from her dead husband.

    History & Mythology

    Mugairyu Iaihyodo
    A traditional school of Iaido sword art founded by Tsuji Gatan Sukemochi (aka. Heinai) in 1693. It focusses on close-range drawing/cutting moves in a practical structure. Sukemochi was also a student of Zen, and its principles are closely entwined with Mugairyu.

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    His full title is Tsukiyomi no Mikoto. In Shinto mythology, Tsukiyomi is the moon god borne from the right eye of Izanagi. He is the brother of Amaterasu and Susano-o. (Beats me why they made Tsukiyomi female. ^^;)

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