• Original Name: Ouka (桜花(おうか) )
  • Age: 27
  • Nationality: Japanese
  • Class: Light
  • Special Skill: -
  • Voice: Sara Nakayama (Japanese), Georgette Rose Last of the Mutant Apes to be made by Kato, she has no machine parts but is herself a living weapon.

    She was created using genes from Yoshiko Kawashima.

    "See No Evil" Ouka. Trained along with the other Mutant Apes to be a killing machine wholly obediant to Kato's commands, she fell in love with him and wanted no more than to be by his side to ease his pain.

    Unlike the other Mutant Apes, she was created anew. Though she is the living semblance of Lieutenant-Colonel Yoshiko Kawashima, she is her own person. Kato utilized the magic of the ノmigr Manuscript only to enhance the growth of the fetus and speed her aging to her adult form.

    Ouka is aware of her origins, and only envies the dead Kawashima for the place she holds in Kato's heart. Sadly, she herself dies shielding Kato from Nicolai's attack in the burning core of Mount Fuji.