Thomas Edward Lawrence

  • Original Name: Thomas Edward Lawrence (エドワード・ロレンス )
  • Age: 37
  • Nationality: English
  • Class: Wind
  • Special Skill: Agitation. ...just kidding, Leadership.
  • Voice: Kouichi Sakaguchi (Japanese), ???? (English)

    Mystery man who showed up suddenly in Wales. He says that he is fighting against the secret society, but he has alterior motives of some kind.

    A British spy investigating the secret society Sapientes Gladio. He later becomes known as Lawerence of Arabia when he fights alongside the Bedouins.

    (continued from Japanese profile)
    An English explorer. It's said he holds the title of a secret agent. From the time he appeared, he has had a mysterious (and shady) presence. Looking at his conduct, he doesn't seem to be an enemy of Karin and the others, but also not an ally either.

    To help his motherland be victorious in the war, he is a secret officer leading anti-Turkish guerrilas for Arab independence. Because of this, he is given the name "Lawernce of Arabia".

    After the end of the war, he is unhappy with the state of post-war England and resigns from the secret intelligence department. He dies alone in a motorcycle accident.

    A hero with a myterious entrance and a mysterious departure from the world.