Veronica Vera

  • Original Name: Veronica Vera (ベロニカ・ベラ )
  • Age: 30-something
  • Nationality: -
  • Class: Water
  • Special Skill: Housework
  • Voice: Mie Sonozaki (Japanese), Helen Storm (English)

    Magic warrior with the secret society, she uses her sex appeal and her beauty as a weapon. She is an assassin of the highest caliber and has been ordered to kill Yuri.

    A dangerous figure of astounding (ahem) proportions who, as her outfit screams, is into the S&M scene. Unfortunately for Yuri, she has been eyeing him for some time. She wields a mean whip and keeps frightening-looking pets (such as her "cute little Oscar"), most of whom are normal creatures modified into nightmarish shapes through her magic.

    When interacting with Grand Papillon, she is reminiscent of the campy villainesses from old superhero shows. xD

    Veronica studied with Lucia under Carla when the dancer was a member of Sapientes Gladio.

    She also serves her Lord Rasputin as his lover. In spite of powers he bestowed upon her, she is defeated and killed by Yuri and co.