Ars Goetia (the Lesser Key of Solomon) and the 72 demons
Ars Goetia (Latin for "the Howling Art") is a segment of a Hebrew occult grimoire, apparently attributed to King Solomon; it belongs to Lemegeton Clavicula Salamonis ("the Lesser Key of Solomon"). It details seventy-two demons - including seals, manner of conjuration and positions in a hierarchical structure - that the legendary King Solomon is said to have controlled.

Though the full work supposedly dates from the 17th century, some of the material seems to have come from much earlier sources. The more contemporary occult figure Aleister Crowley, whose work has encouraged waves of new interest in the esoteric, drew extensively from it.

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    Warashibe Chouja (The Straw Millionaire)
    The Straw Millionaire is a Japanese folktale. There are variations on the story, but it is essentially what is told to Yuri for the sidequest.

    There was a very poor man who prayed for wealth. Kannon, goddess of mercy, appeared to him and told him he would find what he sought in the first thing he pick ed up after falling. It turned out to be a bit of straw. As he travelled, he found people to trade with, until he eventually acquired a horse and impressed a millionaire, who left his estate to the lucky man.

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