Historical comparative timeline

This is a summarized time-line that focuses on major plot points of Koudelka, Shadow Hearts and Shadow Hearts: Covenant, and also highlights important historical events of significance to the story/world. Currently a work-in-progress, and will be added to over time.

Contributions/corrections/suggestions are welcome and appreciated! Click here for specific help needed.

You are forewarned: SPOILERS ABOUND.

  • Koudelka = ~1898-99
  • Shadow Hearts = 1913-14
  • Shadow Hearts: Covenant = 1915-1918

    (???) means that the event is unconfirmed. If it appears in the game column, it means that due to the historical connection (usually the historical figure), there is a strong likelihood that the Shadow Hearts world history follows real world history.

    *** denotes items beyond what has been encapsulated in the Shadow Hearts series. It is unknown whether SH world history will follow real world history in these instances, but they have been included for the same reason as stated above.

    Date History Game
    1214 Roger Bacon (philosopher, Franciscan friar and scientist) is born in Illchester, near Somerset, England Roger Bacon ("master philosopher, alchemist and Eternal Love Child" XDDD) is born (???)
    August 7 1876 Margaretha Geertruida Zelle/Margarete Gertrude Zelle (exotic dancer and World War I spy/double agent Mata Hari) is born in Leeuwarden, Friesland, Netherlands. Margarete Gertrude Zelle (secret agent Malkovich) is born (???)
    1887 -- Colonel Jinpachiro/Ben Hyuga meets Anne.
    August 16 1888 Thomas Edward Lawrence (Lawrence of Arabia) is born in Tremadoc, Caernarfonshire, North Wales. Thomas Edward Lawrence (Lawrence of Arabia) is born. (???)
    1890 -- Yuri Volte Hyuga is born in Inugami Village, Katsuragi, Japan.
    1893 -- Alice Elliot is born.

    Jinpachiro moves his family to mainland China.

    1898-1899 -- Father James O'Flaherty and Father Morris Elliot search for valuable documents stolen from the Vatican. James heads to Wales.

    Koudelka Iasant travels to Nemeton Monastery and meets Edward Plunkett and James.

    1898 -- Jinpachiro and Zhongyun Zhen save Liu Zhuzhen from Dehuai's crony Wugui. With Shanghai as their base, they work to stop Dehuai's Demon's Gate Invocation. Jinpachiro dies in the battle.

    Anne dies protecting Yuri from villagers possessed by Dehuai.

    Kurando Inugami is born in Inugami Village.

    ~1898-1913 (unknown) Yuri hears the voice of Koudelka.

    1901 June 18 - Grand Duchess Anastasia Nikolaevna Romanova (youngest daughter of Tsar Nicholass II and Tsarina Alexandra) is born in Peterhof Palace, Petrodvorets, Russia. June 18 - Princess Anastasia Romanov is born.

    Halley Plunkett/Brancket is born.

    1906 Hsien-Hsi/Yoshiko Kawashima ("Eastern Jewel", Japanese spy and 14th daughter of Manchu/Qing dynasty Prince Su) is born in Beijing. Hsien-Hsi/Yoshiko Kawashima (Manchu/Qing dynasty princess and Japanese spy) is born (???)
    1913 -- Morris Elliot dies in Rouen, France while protecting Alice Elliot from Albert Simon.
    Autumn 1913 -- Alice captured by Japanese army and taken on board the Trans-Siberian Express with Albert Simon in pursuit. Yuri (guided by Koudelka) meets them in South Manchuria, China.
    ~1913 Earthquake levels Shanghai (???) Dehuai summons Seraphic Radiance, causing a massive earthquake and leaving Shanghai in flames.
    October 25 1913 Hsien-Hsi is adopted by Naniwa Kawashima and renamed Yoshiko Kawashima. Hsien-Hsi is adopted by Naniwa Kawashima. Lieutenant Colonel Yoshiko Kawashima is assassinated on suspicion of treason against the Japanese army.
    ~1914 -- Yuri and co. defeat the alien god summoned by Albert Simon.

    Koudelka and Halley head to America to find Edward.

    Yuri and Alice travel to Zurich to see Alice's mother. Alice passes away on the train (true ending of Shadow Hearts).

    June 28 1914 Assassination of Franz Ferdinand, Archduke of Austria-Hungary, precipitating World War I. Footnote of Archduke's assassination echoes "winds of change" foretold by Albert Simon.
    Early spring 1915 -- Lieutenant Karin Koenig leads her unit to capture Domremy for German forces.
    May 17 1915 British cruise ship RMS Lusitania torpedoed by German U-boat. 128 Americans number among the 1195 casualties. America enters World War I in 1917. Nicolai, with Rasputin's approval, initiates plan to attack the Lusitania for the purpose of breaking America's neutrality.
    ~1917 German army first uses mustard gas against Canadian troops. Three months after Nicolai releases some of the malice in Apoina Tower, gradually increasing intensity at the frontlines results in the first use of chemical weapons.
    March 15 1917 Tsar Nicholas II abdicates throne. *** --
    October 15 1917 Margarete Gertrude Zelle/Mata Hari executed by firing squad. *** --
    July 17 1918 Romanov family massacred in Yekaterinburg, Russia. Mysteries continue to this day regarding princess Anastasia's whereabouts. *** --
    Autumn 1918 Armistices between nations begin with Bulgaria on September 29. Final armistice between Germany and Allies signed on November 11. Conclusion of World War I. Conclusion of World War I.

    Yuri found wandering Wales with no memory (anticipated true ending of Shadow Hearts: Covenant).

    Help wanted

    Please email Maiji at maiji@hopeofbreeze.com if you have more information/clarification regarding these items:

    Queen Victoria's death was 1901; in SH:C her followers prepared Queen's Garden for resurrecting her, but Emigre Manuscript was taken by Vatican. However, in 1898-99, Vatican was still searching for the manuscript; what happened during this time period in between Koudelka and Shadow Hearts?

    resolving inconsistencies/issues between histories:

  • Hsien-Hsi/Yoshiko Kawashima's birthdate (1906) makes her 8 years old in 1914, not 1915+
  • Shanghai earthquake - 1913 earthquake destroyed Kunming in Yunnan province (Kunming is a good distance away from Shanghai)
  • use of mustard gas in WWI - timing seems to be much later than game determination

    pinpointing the following dates:

  • confirming Kurando and Halley's birth years
  • confirming the year of Jinpachiro and Anne's deaths
  • when the Inquisition takes Koudelka away (Halley seems to be old enough to remember a good deal of it)
  • when Yuri begins to hear Koudelka's voice

    Compiled by Maiji/Mary Huang
    Many thanks to the members of Shadow Hearts LJ Community, esp. Nemissa, SnowFire, ahebert and _egnirys. ^^