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Final Update

Filed under: † nemissa @ 7:59 am

We regret to report that Icaro will no longer be updated.
You may have noticed that updates here have been pretty non-existent in the past year. Maiji and I have had little time and resources to update with, despite trying to narrow the focus of the site. Icaro will still remain on the web as is; we’ve really enjoyed working on the site and we want the current content to continue to be accessible.

One final update has been made to the links and FtNW info section. The oekaki will be closed upon’s deletion and the shop will eventually be merged with one on The Icaro email will remain open, but it will only be checked sporadically. Comments will be disabled on this update blog due to the overwhelming spam it’s been receiving.

However, we are still working on other projects that involve Shadow Hearts. We are planning to release a doujinshi under the circle Time & Tide within the next year.

Thank you for all your support, we had a great time with the site and the community!


Various Icaro updates

Filed under: † nemissa @ 10:40 am

A potpourri of site updates here at Icaro:
-Added tracking listing to Koudelka OST & Koudelka misc section
-New items added to the SH:C and SH:FtNW goods pages
-Updated SH:FtNW character pages for Anne, Edna and Gilbert
-Updated shop page with pre-orders for the upcoming albums
-New links & fanlistings


SH:FtNW section activate!

Filed under: † nemissa @ 6:26 pm

Icaro’s section for Shadow Hearts: From the New World is now up! So far we just have character profiles and release info, but we’ll be updating it as more info on the game is released.

In other updates, a report on the demo version of SH:C is now online, and well as a few new links on the links page.


Small shop update: SH:FtNW Limited Pack

Filed under: † nemissa @ 1:09 pm

There’s a couple updates to the Icaro shop: Play-Asia now has pre-orders up for the Limited Deluxe Pack of Shadow Hearts: From the New World. They are also having a large summer sale, which includes Shadow Hearts: Covenant at a lowered price.


Ancient books analysis up

Filed under: † maiji @ 2:05 pm

An analysis of the three ancient tomes of the Shadow Hearts series - the Pulse Tract, the R’lyeh Text and everybody’s favourite Émigré Manuscript - is now up. You can read it by checking out the link on the Setting page for any of the games.

If you have any corrections or information to contribute, please contact us at icaroweb [at]! :D

Also fixed the Timelines page to match the new layout. ^^


ICARO site “mini” renovation

Filed under: † maiji @ 10:38 pm

Converted the website layout to CSS to (hopefully) make it easier to change design elements and update the site as a whole, while also reducing html file size =D Moved things around a bit; some minor restructuring in the menu sidebar, combined some SH:C character pages, and moved the SH LJ community to the links page. Added some new banners too. :D


Fanart contest results announced!

Filed under: † nemissa @ 8:25 pm

Icaro is proud to present the winners of the 2005 fanart contest! Congratulations to the winners, and a heartfelt thanks to all the contestants and judges.


Icaro shop updated; fanart contest poll

Filed under: † nemissa @ 4:09 pm

Many new items have been added to the shop page; most notably the Koudelka soundtrack is available again. If there are any other items you’d like to see listed, don’t hesitate to contact us. And thanks to all those who been supporting us through the shop!

The fanart contest is now closed, the results will be posted tomorrow morning. In the meantime, there’s a ‘viewer’s choice’ poll going on in the LJ community, check it out.


Gallery update: Koudelka art

Filed under: † nemissa @ 11:27 pm

There’s a rather large update to the gallery today: Hard-to-find production art from the Koudelka Visual Guidebook, and a couple new SH:C images from “The Playstation” magazine.


Fanart Contest deadline extension

Filed under: † nemissa @ 2:08 pm

Due to several people commenting they are too busy at the moment to enter the contest, Maiji and I have decided to extend the deadline by 2 weeks. The new deadline for the contest is now April 6th.

Also, applications for guests judges are closed. We will be notifying the chosen judges shortly.


SH:FtNW First Trailer + preorder

Filed under: † nemissa @ 6:29 pm

The first trailer for Shadow Hearts: From the New World is featured in the Director’s Cut release of SH2. maskrider has captured the trailer and it is available for download at RPGamer.

The game is already available for pre-order at Play-Asia, and the Icaro Shop has been updated accordingly.


Official & ICARO site updates (commerce time!)

Filed under: † nemissa @ 10:49 pm

The official Shadow Hearts site updates with a couple of new SH products. A Shadow Hearts 2005 Original School Calendar is now available for pre-order through the official fan club site. The calendar is 6 pages and features illustrations from the World Guidance book. It measures 300mm x 300mm and covers April 2005 - March 2006.

VIC21 is offering a “deluxe clear file” to those who pre-order Shadow Hearts II Director’s Cut through them. The clear file features the illustration from the cover of the World Guidance book.

In local updates, we’ve debuted a new section: the ICARO Shop. This contains a listing of all the SH games and CDs available at Play-Asia, as well as a general guide to purchasing SH-related items. We will be adding more items in the near future as well. There are also minor updates to the links section.


Minor ICARO and official site updates

Filed under: † maiji @ 12:49 pm

Some minor updates/corrections have been made to the series timeline, as well as Zhuzhen, Halley, Roger Bacon and Albert Simon’s profiles in Shadow Hearts. These changes are in regards to their ages, with respect to the official profiles at

Additionally, Jinpachiro Hyuga’s profile is now available at the official website. Again, the data will be included in the profile on ICARO in the near future. ^^


Minor updates

Filed under: † nemissa @ 1:00 pm

A few small updates here and there: we now have a dedicated email address for ICARO, which can be found in the about section. The links section has been updated, now with a fanlistings category. Lastly, there are a couple new images in the gallery section.


Major updates to SH and SH:C chara and setting

Filed under: † maiji @ 3:39 pm

Hello! Phew! Just uploaded a bunch of new pages and updates to the following sections:

- SH character profiles: all profiles now up. A number of them have added commentary and information.
- SH:C character profiles: Jeanne and Alice’s profiles have minor updates; a mistake in Ring Soul’s profile has been corrected; Kurando’s profile is now up with History & Mythology.
- SH:C setting: updates to places info, plus sections under history (including background NPCs) and mythology now available!
- About page also updated with new thanks and to make external links open in a new window. XD

And just a friendly reminder that there is a reason News has comments turned on! We would really love feedback on the content and the website in general, so feel free to post and let us know what you think - comments, suggestions, or corrections are very much welcome and appreciated!

Official website update; guidebook reprint

Filed under: † nemissa @ 11:57 am

The official Shadow Hearts website has added a new section for SH1 character profiles. Currently only Margarete’s profile is up. Our local profile for Margarete has been updated accordingly.

In the media news section, Shadow Hearts II The Complete Guide will be getting a reprint due to popular demand. The new batch will be in Japanese bookstores around the first of December.


Koudelka characters, SH and SH:C settings update

Filed under: † maiji @ 9:12 am

Thanks to nemissa, the profiles for Koudelka, Edward and James are now available in the Koudelka characters section. I’ve also uploaded preliminary lists of the content for Shadow Hearts and Shadow Hearts: Covenant sections. This is going to be fun~ …

EDIT: A few profiles for the French locations in SH:C are now available.


Shadow Hearts character profiles update

Filed under: † maiji @ 11:28 pm

Bare-bones profiles are available for the majority of characters. Yuri’s profile has also been slightly updated for accuracy.

Zhuzhen (~55%) and Halley’s (0% D=) profiles currently in-progress. XD


Shadow Hearts: Covenant profiles updated

Filed under: † maiji @ 10:43 am

Commentary and further details have been added in the profiles of Alice Elliot, Veronica Vera, Saki Inugami, Ouka, Granny Lot, and wolves Tetsu and Eleanor.

EDIT: Yuri, Jeanne and Ring Soul’s profiles have been updated as well.

Setting sections activate!

Filed under: † maiji @ 8:42 am

The Setting section for each game is now up. A series-inclusive timeline-in-progress, comparing game story elements and historical events, has been added.

Commentaries/history & mythology will be added to many more profiles soon~ (Whoo! I get off my butt! xDDD)


Happy Halloween!

Filed under: † nemissa @ 10:46 am

Finally, all the SH:C profiles are up! Now to fill in the commentary & historical info… :|

Also added misc sections to SH and SH:C, which contain OST and song lyrics. Small updates to the links, gallery and goods sections as well.


More SH:C character profiles

Filed under: † nemissa @ 11:11 pm

Another batch of SH:C character profiles have been updated. All that’s left now are the spoiler characters and wolves.


More character updates

Filed under: † nemissa @ 6:05 am

Another batch of character profiles have been updated in the SH:C section.


Character section update

Filed under: † nemissa @ 9:11 am

Shadow Hearts: Covenant shipped late last week, so many stores should have it in by now. With that comes the first update of character profiles based on the English language version. Many more updates to come as we progress through the game!


More characters & goods

Filed under: † nemissa @ 7:12 pm

The remaining profiles are now up in the SH:C section. Also, a model kit has been added in the SH1 goods section.


More character profiles

Filed under: † nemissa @ 11:55 am

Profiles for all the major SH:C characters are now available in the characters section (although many are still incomplete). The minor characters should be up before the game is released.


More character profiles

Filed under: † nemissa @ 9:14 pm

More (breif) character profiles are up in the SH:C section.


SH:C character profiles

Filed under: † nemissa @ 5:36 pm

‘Bare-bones’ profiles for the main characters of SH:C are now up. Also some small additions in the links, info, and about sections.


Shadow Hearts Yuri and Alice profiles updated

Filed under: † maiji @ 11:34 am

Alice’s profile has been added to the Shadow Hearts characters page. Yuri’s profile has also been edited to better protect readers from spoilers. As always, more information, as well as History & Mythology, will be added over time.


Site design edits, Shadow Hearts character list

Filed under: † maiji @ 11:30 am

Some cosmetic changes to the site to make the link colours a bit easier to see. ^_^;

The list of characters for Shadow Hearts has also been added.


More goods

Filed under: † nemissa @ 6:42 pm

The goods sections for SH & SH2 are now up. Quite a bit of stuff in the SH2 one!


New sections opened

Filed under: † nemissa @ 7:18 pm

Many new sections are open now: the info & character pages for all 3 games, the goods page for Koudelka; the gallery, oekaki, links and about pages. There’s still much to add to these pages, but you can see what we have for now!


Shadow Hearts character profiles - Yuri, Margarete, Keith

Filed under: † maiji @ 12:58 pm

The Shadow Hearts Characters section has been opened with three profiles: Yuri Hyuga, Margarete Gertrude Zelle and Keith Valentine.

Each profile presents the character’s vital stats as given in the game, along with the short bio provided by the game manual. A more extensive (and slightly spoilery) description follows, with a summary of the character’s background, as well as information on the game mythology and history/real-world mythological references. Links are also provided for further information on these topics. We will continue to update all sections whenever we have more information, especially on the English and Japanese voice actors. ^_^


Website layout design up

Filed under: † maiji @ 3:52 pm

Phew! And with that, this little Shadow Hearts page has a name and a face. An “old book” theme as suggested by Nemissa, to match the in-game atmosphere and look of the Shadow Hearts series itself. Bible images used were supplied by, an excellent free stock photo resource. Page background created by me from scanning the spines of my dying book collection. :x

Most (okay, all) of the links have no content yet, but hopefully this gives you all an idea of the sort of materials we’ll be carrying and covering. (And with Shadow Hearts being the rich series it is, it’s going to be a LOT of stuff!) That and I just wanted to post and see my name on the front page =D (don’t kill me nemi~! xD)

Grand opening

Filed under: † nemissa @ 1:48 pm

Welcome to our grand opening! For now this will be a blog of Shadow Hearts news, but we will be adding more content gradually to the goal of a full fledged SH site.

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