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Fanart contest results announced!

Filed under: † nemissa @ 8:25 pm

Icaro is proud to present the winners of the 2005 fanart contest! Congratulations to the winners, and a heartfelt thanks to all the contestants and judges.


Icaro shop updated; fanart contest poll

Filed under: † nemissa @ 4:09 pm

Many new items have been added to the shop page; most notably the Koudelka soundtrack is available again. If there are any other items you’d like to see listed, don’t hesitate to contact us. And thanks to all those who been supporting us through the shop!

The fanart contest is now closed, the results will be posted tomorrow morning. In the meantime, there’s a ‘viewer’s choice’ poll going on in the LJ community, check it out.


Fanart Contest deadline extension

Filed under: † nemissa @ 2:08 pm

Due to several people commenting they are too busy at the moment to enter the contest, Maiji and I have decided to extend the deadline by 2 weeks. The new deadline for the contest is now April 6th.

Also, applications for guests judges are closed. We will be notifying the chosen judges shortly.


SH Illustration Contest 3 entries

Filed under: † maiji @ 9:15 am

Results and submissions for the third illustration contest are now up at the official JP Shadow Hearts website (be forewarned - there are some spoilers). Check out the creative pieces! ^_^


Penny Arcade SH:C comic strip #2

Filed under: † nemissa @ 11:08 am

Yet another Shadow Hearts-themed comic strip at Penny Arcade. Wow, they must really like the game. :)

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