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New cover?

Filed under: † nemissa @ 7:24 pm

GameStop now has a new thumbnail for the cover of Shadow Hearts: Covenant, featuring a never-before-seen image of Kallen. No idea if this is the final cover though; EBGames is still using the previous one.

New sections opened

Filed under: † nemissa @ 7:18 pm

Many new sections are open now: the info & character pages for all 3 games, the goods page for Koudelka; the gallery, oekaki, links and about pages. There’s still much to add to these pages, but you can see what we have for now!


Shadow Hearts character profiles - Yuri, Margarete, Keith

Filed under: † maiji @ 12:58 pm

The Shadow Hearts Characters section has been opened with three profiles: Yuri Hyuga, Margarete Gertrude Zelle and Keith Valentine.

Each profile presents the character’s vital stats as given in the game, along with the short bio provided by the game manual. A more extensive (and slightly spoilery) description follows, with a summary of the character’s background, as well as information on the game mythology and history/real-world mythological references. Links are also provided for further information on these topics. We will continue to update all sections whenever we have more information, especially on the English and Japanese voice actors. ^_^


Website layout design up

Filed under: † maiji @ 3:52 pm

Phew! And with that, this little Shadow Hearts page has a name and a face. An “old book” theme as suggested by Nemissa, to match the in-game atmosphere and look of the Shadow Hearts series itself. Bible images used were supplied by, an excellent free stock photo resource. Page background created by me from scanning the spines of my dying book collection. :x

Most (okay, all) of the links have no content yet, but hopefully this gives you all an idea of the sort of materials we’ll be carrying and covering. (And with Shadow Hearts being the rich series it is, it’s going to be a LOT of stuff!) That and I just wanted to post and see my name on the front page =D (don’t kill me nemi~! xD)

Grand opening

Filed under: † nemissa @ 1:48 pm

Welcome to our grand opening! For now this will be a blog of Shadow Hearts news, but we will be adding more content gradually to the goal of a full fledged SH site.

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