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SH:C character profiles

Filed under: † nemissa @ 5:36 pm

‘Bare-bones’ profiles for the main characters of SH:C are now up. Also some small additions in the links, info, and about sections.


2 new movies

Filed under: † nemissa @ 8:32 pm

A new gameplay movie is available at GameSpot, as well as an interview with Jeremy Airey, producer of the English-language release.


Official sites renewals

Filed under: † nemissa @ 9:39 am

The official English site for Shadow Hearts: Covenant is now fully open, featuring a good amount of game info, media and wallpapers. (Those wanting to stay completely spoiler-free may want to avoid the character section, though; oddly a few of the profiles contain late-in-the-game plot twists)

The official Japanese Shadow Hearts II website has also gotten an update, though mostly in name. The new title of the site suggests it will now be a general Shadow Hearts series site. A third illustration contest is being planned in commemoration of the update. The “Download” and “Developer’s Diary” section have been moved to the fan club site. The fan club site is also expected to get an update in the future.


Shadow Hearts Yuri and Alice profiles updated

Filed under: † maiji @ 11:34 am

Alice’s profile has been added to the Shadow Hearts characters page. Yuri’s profile has also been edited to better protect readers from spoilers. As always, more information, as well as History & Mythology, will be added over time.


Another profile movie - Karin

Filed under: † nemissa @ 11:44 am

IGN has another “profile” movie up, this time of Karin. (Karin is Kallen’s official US name)


Yet another movie

Filed under: † nemissa @ 10:30 am

This time from Gamespot, a short cutscene in English is now available. Although it does barely have any dialog, it does show a cutscene in it’s entirety unlike previous trailers.


Another movie in English

Filed under: † nemissa @ 10:38 am

Another English-language movie is now available at IGN, this time mainly comprised of cutscenes. The movie is a profile of Yuri, but also includes dialog from other characters.


Site design edits, Shadow Hearts character list

Filed under: † maiji @ 11:30 am

Some cosmetic changes to the site to make the link colours a bit easier to see. ^_^;

The list of characters for Shadow Hearts has also been added.


More goods

Filed under: † nemissa @ 6:42 pm

The goods sections for SH & SH2 are now up. Quite a bit of stuff in the SH2 one!


Official site now online

Filed under: † nemissa @ 7:50 pm

Midway’s official site for SH:C is now online. The full site content is “coming soon", but for now you can view a trailer, look at new screenshots and sign up for a newsletter. The pre-order page also has a larger version of the US box art image.

First English-language movies

Filed under: † nemissa @ 12:55 pm

IGN now has the first English-language movies of SH:C available. While they only show battle footage, they have fully translated menus and a few short voice clips.


Shadow Hearts: Covenant voice director makes appearance at Otakon

Filed under: † maiji @ 4:53 pm

For those fans who weren’t quite so lucky to be at the Otakon convention, our friend Zealboy at the Shadow Hearts LJ community had a lucky encounter at the July 30 evening voice acting panel. Panelist Richard Epcar mentioned that he had recently completed directing the voices for Shadow Hearts : Covenant.

Apart from his writing and directing experience, Epcar has done extensive vocal work on various anime series, including Digimon, Fushigi Yugi, Rurouni Kenshin and Ghost in the Shell. He’s perhaps best-known in the RPG voice fandom as the voice of Ziggurat 8 (Ziggy) in Xenosaga.

Midway Shadow Hearts: Covenant announces pre-order offer

Filed under: † maiji @ 4:00 pm

An update on the earlier news regarding GameStop and EBGames bundling copies of Shadow Hearts with preorders of Shadow Hearts: Covenant - Gamepot reports that Midway, the North American publisher for the title, has announced this offer itself. With this official connection, it’s pretty safe to assume now that all game stores taking preorders will have this available. Hoorah!

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