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Character section update

Filed under: † nemissa @ 9:11 am

Shadow Hearts: Covenant shipped late last week, so many stores should have it in by now. With that comes the first update of character profiles based on the English language version. Many more updates to come as we progress through the game!


Shadow Hearts: Covenant receives rave reviews

Filed under: † maiji @ 12:16 pm

IGN praises Shadow Hearts: Covenant’s gameplay, presentation and characters in a glowing, in-depth, four-page review, stating that “it deserves to be in every role-playing fan’s personal library, and deserves even more another sequel.”

PSM also awards the title a 10/10 score, labelling it a “Buy or Die” in its November 2004 Reloaded issue. It emphasizes that “the words ‘epic’ and ‘engaging’ don’t really do this one justice.”


More characters & goods

Filed under: † nemissa @ 7:12 pm

The remaining profiles are now up in the SH:C section. Also, a model kit has been added in the SH1 goods section.


More character profiles

Filed under: † nemissa @ 11:55 am

Profiles for all the major SH:C characters are now available in the characters section (although many are still incomplete). The minor characters should be up before the game is released.


Joachim profile

Filed under: † nemissa @ 10:15 am

IGN now has a video profile of Joachim. However, many people (including myself), can’t get the audio to play on the WMV video. Has anyone gotten it to work, or can confirm if the Quicktime version has working sound?


Shadow Hearts: Covenant goes gold

Filed under: † maiji @ 8:20 am

As reported on a Midway press release available at numerous gaming websites, Shadow Hearts: Covenant has gone gold, meaning the game has completed production and should meet the projected release date.


More character profiles

Filed under: † nemissa @ 9:14 pm

More (breif) character profiles are up in the SH:C section.

Official SH site updated

Filed under: † nemissa @ 10:18 am

The official Japanese Shadow Hearts site has been updated. Aside from a few changes on the main menu, Alice has been added to the character list, and the 3rd illustration contest has started (theme: “Getsurenka” ~Forms of Happiness~).

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