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SH Illustration Contest 3 entries

Filed under: † maiji @ 9:15 am

Results and submissions for the third illustration contest are now up at the official JP Shadow Hearts website (be forewarned - there are some spoilers). Check out the creative pieces! ^_^


Major updates to SH and SH:C chara and setting

Filed under: † maiji @ 3:39 pm

Hello! Phew! Just uploaded a bunch of new pages and updates to the following sections:

- SH character profiles: all profiles now up. A number of them have added commentary and information.
- SH:C character profiles: Jeanne and Alice’s profiles have minor updates; a mistake in Ring Soul’s profile has been corrected; Kurando’s profile is now up with History & Mythology.
- SH:C setting: updates to places info, plus sections under history (including background NPCs) and mythology now available!
- About page also updated with new thanks and to make external links open in a new window. XD

And just a friendly reminder that there is a reason News has comments turned on! We would really love feedback on the content and the website in general, so feel free to post and let us know what you think - comments, suggestions, or corrections are very much welcome and appreciated!

Official website update; guidebook reprint

Filed under: † nemissa @ 11:57 am

The official Shadow Hearts website has added a new section for SH1 character profiles. Currently only Margarete’s profile is up. Our local profile for Margarete has been updated accordingly.

In the media news section, Shadow Hearts II The Complete Guide will be getting a reprint due to popular demand. The new batch will be in Japanese bookstores around the first of December.


Koudelka characters, SH and SH:C settings update

Filed under: † maiji @ 9:12 am

Thanks to nemissa, the profiles for Koudelka, Edward and James are now available in the Koudelka characters section. I’ve also uploaded preliminary lists of the content for Shadow Hearts and Shadow Hearts: Covenant sections. This is going to be fun~ …

EDIT: A few profiles for the French locations in SH:C are now available.


Shadow Hearts character profiles update

Filed under: † maiji @ 11:28 pm

Bare-bones profiles are available for the majority of characters. Yuri’s profile has also been slightly updated for accuracy.

Zhuzhen (~55%) and Halley’s (0% D=) profiles currently in-progress. XD


Shadow Hearts: Covenant profiles updated

Filed under: † maiji @ 10:43 am

Commentary and further details have been added in the profiles of Alice Elliot, Veronica Vera, Saki Inugami, Ouka, Granny Lot, and wolves Tetsu and Eleanor.

EDIT: Yuri, Jeanne and Ring Soul’s profiles have been updated as well.

Setting sections activate!

Filed under: † maiji @ 8:42 am

The Setting section for each game is now up. A series-inclusive timeline-in-progress, comparing game story elements and historical events, has been added.

Commentaries/history & mythology will be added to many more profiles soon~ (Whoo! I get off my butt! xDDD)

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