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Shadow Hearts: Covenant makes Penny Arcade’s Top Ten

Filed under: † maiji @ 4:57 pm

Following recognitions from other gaming sites, Shadow Hearts: Covenant weighs in at a healthy number 6 at Penny Arcade’s review of the videogaming highlights of 2004.


Minor updates

Filed under: † nemissa @ 1:00 pm

A few small updates here and there: we now have a dedicated email address for ICARO, which can be found in the about section. The links section has been updated, now with a fanlistings category. Lastly, there are a couple new images in the gallery section.

More awards for SH:C

Filed under: † nemissa @ 11:23 am

After making it on IGN’s holiday list, SH:C bags both the PS2 RPG of the Year and Best PS2 Game No One Played awards on their Best of 2004 list.


SH1 Soundtrack re-release; official website update

Filed under: † nemissa @ 2:00 pm

As reported on the official Shadow Hearts site, the Shadow Hearts Original Soundtracks plus 1 CD will be getting a re-release on January 19th, at the lowered price of 2100 yen. The contents are the same as the original release, except this one has a new cover. Pre-orders will be taken at the Shadow Hearts Fan Club. Those who pre-order there will receive a special seal (sticker) .

Also since last mention, the official website has been updated with profiles for Zhuzhen, Keith, Halley and “Roger Bacon". Our local profiles for those characters will be updated shortly with the new info. (Interesting to note that Halley is the only character who doesn’t have an English spelling listed for his name. Could it be due to the Plunkett/Brancket romanization mishap between Koudelka and SH?)


Shadow Hearts in the news

Filed under: † nemissa @ 10:31 am

Some of these items are a bit dated, but in our quest to bring you obsessively detailed SH news, here are recent occurrences of SH in various news sites.

Starting off with the ‘good’ (and most recent) news, GameSpy names SH:C as their PS2 RPG of the year. In slightly older, but similarly pleasing news, SH:C makes it as the only RPG on IGN’s PS2 Holiday Buyer’s Guide.

In a more traditional news item, GameSpot reports that Midway’s revenues climb 47% during the July-September quarter. Despite the article’s sub-header, the article itself barely makes mention of SH:C, but it’s nice to think perhaps it had at least a little bit to do with this success.

Lastly, and definitely the most odd bit of news, is that a coalition of various groups placed a Shadow Hearts game on its list of top 10 “most violent video games”. Breaking from our usual impartiality(?!?), I have to say that this list is considered unreliable and rather ridiculous by most of the gaming community. Not only does the list contain a Japan-only import (Gunslinger Girls) and a game that has yet to be released (Hitman: Blood Money), it has typos as well. In fact, it’s not clear which SH game they mean, since it’s listed as “Shadow Heart". This Penny Arcade strip pretty much sums it up.

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