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Shadow Hearts II re-release

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Shadow Hearts II will be getting a budget re-release in Japan under the title “Shadow Hearts II Director’s Cut Edition". It’s due out on March 10th at the price of 2980 yen (3129 yen w/ tax). No word yet on whether this “director’s cut” will have anything new or different from the original release.

Source: RPGFan/Namae no Nai Heya

EDIT: Thanks to maskrider for posting a link to this information.

PS2 Shadow Hearts II Director’s Cut

From a fax from Aruze

3/10 3129 yen

Added items
New areas: “Nahashu Temple” and “Sea of Trees”
Neam Ruins has changed
Added events to play as enemy parties
An example could be Kato’s team?

New items & monsters
A monster that appears to be stronger than the last boss

New sub-events added
1 event scene is now a CG movie
Judgment Ring has increased in size

There will also be a bonus image(movie?)”


Minor ICARO and official site updates

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Some minor updates/corrections have been made to the series timeline, as well as Zhuzhen, Halley, Roger Bacon and Albert Simon’s profiles in Shadow Hearts. These changes are in regards to their ages, with respect to the official profiles at

Additionally, Jinpachiro Hyuga’s profile is now available at the official website. Again, the data will be included in the profile on ICARO in the near future. ^^

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