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ICARO 2005 Fanart Contest!

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ICARO is proud to present our first fanart contest! Grand prize is a copy of the SH1 OST. Entries due March 23rd. See the contest page for details.

Nautilus interview at RPGFan

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RPGFan has posted an interview with Nautilus’ consumer game division. Thanks to darthhowie on the LJ community for the link.


Official & ICARO site updates (commerce time!)

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The official Shadow Hearts site updates with a couple of new SH products. A Shadow Hearts 2005 Original School Calendar is now available for pre-order through the official fan club site. The calendar is 6 pages and features illustrations from the World Guidance book. It measures 300mm x 300mm and covers April 2005 - March 2006.

VIC21 is offering a “deluxe clear file” to those who pre-order Shadow Hearts II Director’s Cut through them. The clear file features the illustration from the cover of the World Guidance book.

In local updates, we’ve debuted a new section: the ICARO Shop. This contains a listing of all the SH games and CDs available at Play-Asia, as well as a general guide to purchasing SH-related items. We will be adding more items in the near future as well. There are also minor updates to the links section.


SH2 Director’s Cut page & other official site updates

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The official Shadow Hearts site finally updates with a page on the Director’s Cut. Additional & larger images can be seen at Game Watch as well.

In earlier news, the Shadow Hearts II Complete Guide is getting yet another reprint thanks to the guide’s popularity. The next printing will be available around the beginning of February.

Also, profiles for Lt. Kawashima and “secret” (Halley’s mother) have been added to the official site’s SH1 characters section.

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