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New SH:FtNW trailer

Filed under: † nemissa @ 9:49 am

The official site updated today with a new trailer for SH:FtNW. It starts of similar to the trailer that was included in the Director’s Cut of SH2, but it contains lots of new gameplay and cutscene footage.


New SH:FtNW characters and pre-order item revealed

Filed under: † nemissa @ 10:13 pm

New playable characters in SH:FtNW were recently revealed in the latest issue of Famitsu and on the official website. Hildegard Valentine, the Peach Bat from SH:C and self-proclaimed magical girl heroine; Mao, a giant cat that uses drunken fist fighting techniques; and Frank Goldfinger, a 46-year-old wannabe ninja.

Scans of the Famitsu article can be seen here, thanks to maskrider.

Also recently revealed on the official website is the “Shadow Hearts Series Creation Materials Collection” book, which will be given out with pre-orders of the game. The book is 44 pages, B5 sized, and will contain art from all 3 SH games. It will also contain special guest art by “Fruits Basket” manga artist Natsuki Takuya.


ICARO site “mini” renovation

Filed under: † maiji @ 10:38 pm

Converted the website layout to CSS to (hopefully) make it easier to change design elements and update the site as a whole, while also reducing html file size =D Moved things around a bit; some minor restructuring in the menu sidebar, combined some SH:C character pages, and moved the SH LJ community to the links page. Added some new banners too. :D


SH:FtNW JP release date and limited edition goodies

Filed under: † maiji @ 9:08 am

According to Games Are Fun, the Japanese release date for Shadow Hearts: From the New World has been set for July 28. The standard edition of the game will retail at 7329 yen; a limited edition will also be available for 12390 yen. This limited version will include a bonus DVD, a music CD, three Valentine Sibling phone straps, a Johnny t-shirt, a Shania keychain and a notebook.

More information is also available from RPGFan (which, interestingly, gives different prices for the releases).

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