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Various official website updates

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Another batch of official website updates:

The first two “web special campaign” videos are now available on the website.

New characters have been added to the character page: Gilbert, Baigen and Gerard. Voice samples have also been added for a few characters.

Results of the forth illustration content have been posted. The fifth contest as already been announced, and the theme is simply “From the New World". Entries are due on August 26th.

SH:FtnW will appear on the cover of the 6/24 issue of Dengeki Playstation, featuring an illustration of Johnny and Shania. The magazine will also contain developer interviews. 2 new fusion monsters will be revealed in the 6/24 issues of Weekly Famitsu and Famitsu PS2.


Many official site updates

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Sorry for the lack of updates recently, here’s what’s new at the official website since my last report:

Character page has been updated with the new characters: Frank, Mao, Hildegard, Killer and Lady.

Starting 6/10, a special program will be broadcast on the official website in commemoration of the release of SH:FtNW. Popular actors You Shirota and Aki Hoshino will play the parts of Johnny and Shania respectively as they “navigate the American continent". A second program will follow on the 20th, and a third on July 1st. The 3rd program will only be available to fanclub members. Fanclub members can also take a quiz during the final program to win a LCD TV or an overseas vacation.

Blog site Cafesta has started a SH:FtNW promotion: You Shirota and Aki Hoshino, mentioned in the above news item, now have their own blogs on Cafesta and will post pictures from the production. They also have had special Cafesta-style avatars of Johnny and Shania created for them. Fanclub members can also get special SH-themed skins for their Cafesta blogs.

SH:FtNW Premium Box contents revealed:
-Playstation 2 software “Shadow Hearts: From the New World”
-Special Image DVD
-Special Soundtrack CD
-"Johnny” Deluxe T-Shirt (free size 1)
-"Shania” earring-style keychain light
-"3 Valentine Siblings” 3 cell phones straps
-Special B5 notebook

900 internet & manga cafes across Japan will have demo stations of SH:FtNW starting June 1st, and will run for approximately a month. Full list of locations is available on the official website.

The Diary section of the official site is now up. There is a “diary” for Lenny, and a developer’s diary. So far there are entries from production manager Hamamoto and planner Ishida.

Lastly, a second trailer has been added to the streaming media section.


Small shop update: SH:FtNW Limited Pack

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There’s a couple updates to the Icaro shop: Play-Asia now has pre-orders up for the Limited Deluxe Pack of Shadow Hearts: From the New World. They are also having a large summer sale, which includes Shadow Hearts: Covenant at a lowered price.


Ancient books analysis up

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An analysis of the three ancient tomes of the Shadow Hearts series - the Pulse Tract, the R’lyeh Text and everybody’s favourite Émigré Manuscript - is now up. You can read it by checking out the link on the Setting page for any of the games.

If you have any corrections or information to contribute, please contact us at icaroweb [at]! :D

Also fixed the Timelines page to match the new layout. ^^

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