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Various Icaro updates

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A potpourri of site updates here at Icaro:
-Added tracking listing to Koudelka OST & Koudelka misc section
-New items added to the SH:C and SH:FtNW goods pages
-Updated SH:FtNW character pages for Anne, Edna and Gilbert
-Updated shop page with pre-orders for the upcoming albums
-New links & fanlistings


Official Site Updates

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Catching up with the official site updates just in time for the release date:

New characters added to the character pages: Anne and Edna. Voice samples for Natan, Ricardo, and Hildegard are now available be as well.

The third “web special campaign” video is available via the fan club site, and a commercial is available on the media page.

SH:FtNW has scored a 35/40 in Weekly Famitsu’s cross review, earning it a Platinum award from the magazine.

The 7/22 issue of Weekly Famitsu will contain special SH:FtNW postcards. The 7/22 issue of Dengeki PS2 will feature SH:FtNW on the cover, and the bundled DVD will contain a special movie. SH:FtNW also placed on recent magazine lists: 7/22 Famitsu PS2 - #6 on “Top 20 Most Anticipated Games"; 7/22 Dengeki PS2 - #7 on “Top 20 Most Anticipated Titles"; 7/22 Weekly Famitsu - #26 on “Top 30 Most Anticipated New Works".

On 7/14, Japanese cell phone service NTT DoCoMo will start an i-mode called “Aruze Mobile". “Aruze Mobile” is a cell phone portal size that will provide access to all Aruze’s official sites, and will feature a “Shadow Hearts Special Corner". Those who register and save points will receive images for their cell phones and a chance to win original goods.

Aruze has announced special pre-order goods available to those who pre-order at certain shops in Japan. In addition to the “Shadow Hearts Series Creation Materials Collection” book reported earlier, pre-orders at the following shops will receive:
Sofmap: Johnny & Shania original telephone card
Wonder Goo: Yuri & Alice tote bag
VIC21: Special alarm clock
Tsuyata: Special Disc (contains weekly calendars featuring SH monsters, and sound effect data)
wanpaku: Clear pencil board
TV Panic: Premium Disk (contains PC wallpaper, opening movie, sound data, special cover images. You can also buy the clear file at this store)
Supplies are limited, images on the official site are preliminary and subject to change.

In the 7/8 issue of “Dengeki Playstation", SH:FtNW ranks #8 on the “Top 20 Most Wanted” poll and SH:C ranks #9 on the “Top 20 Reader’s Favorite” poll. In the 7/8 issue of “Weekly Famitsu", SH:FtNW ranks #24 on the “Top 20 Most Wanted” poll.

The 7/7, 7/14 and 7/21 issues of “Weekly Shinchou” and “Weekly Fumiharu” will feature an article by “Aruze-kun” talking about SH:FtNW.


New Shadow Hearts CDs

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According to a few websites, 2 new Shadow Hearts CDs are due out on August 24th: the soundtrack for SH:FtNW, as well as an arrange album titled “near death experience".

Sources: ffonline, Game Music Revolution (2)


SH:FtNW section activate!

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Icaro’s section for Shadow Hearts: From the New World is now up! So far we just have character profiles and release info, but we’ll be updating it as more info on the game is released.

In other updates, a report on the demo version of SH:C is now online, and well as a few new links on the links page.

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