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2 new Shadow Hearts books

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Two new Shadow Hearts books are coming out at the end of June. The Media News section of the official Shadow Hearts II site has more pictures and info.

Shadow Hearts II Comic Anthology
The first comic anthology for the SH series. Published by Studio DNA, it features gag comics, 4-koma and illustrations by 15 artists.
Release date: 6/25/04
Price: 890 yen (with tax)
Size: A5
Page count: Softcover, 164 p

Shadow Heart II World Guidance (Koushiki Settei Shiryoushuu)
A ‘world guidance’ book that contains a variety of SHII materials: character backgrounds, illustrations, secret info & materials, staff commentary and design concepts.
Release date: 6/30/04
Price: 2130 yen (with tax)
Size: A4
Page count: 124 p (planned)
Publisher: Softbank Publishing


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