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SH:FtnW character and battle system info

Filed under: † nemissa @ 7:48 pm

RPGamer translated the new character profiles and info on the battle system for SH:FtnW. (probably a better translation than I can do anyway. ..)


  1. Great news only thing is RPGamer doesn’t work for me :(. Don’t know why this is but does anyone who will read this have any ideas? Or at least copy-paste the stff here? thx in advance :)

    Comment by anonymous — 4/24/2005 @ 2:01 am

  2. I have been on a year-long campaign. I am trying all avenues until I see my hard work come to light. First, Shadow Hearts 1 and 2 are the absolute best RPGs I have played ever! I have played all of the FFs and a TON of other RPGs–that’s all I play. I have done research, even interviewed the most avid of RPG gamers. There has never ever been a black lady warrior in RPGs. I am so disappointed. It is 2005 now, it is time to come full circle. I have seen very beautiful Asian and White lady warriors to death. Though they kick so much tail, I want diversity in these characters I spend days–even weeks–building up. It is not just black ladies these games are missing, Hispanics, Eastern Indians, Native Indians–nowhere in these games. If you need a model for a good one, my best buddy Lauren (a wushu expert! seriously!) would be great! She kicks even more tail than THe Bride did in Kill Bill. I, myself, am a fencer. We are both very beautiful black women who can kick major tail. We are also huge gamers, and we are doing this campaign together. I need to know how to get more diverse women warriors in these RPGs. Something to think about. Thanks for this time!

    Comment by Rickenya Goodson — 5/5/2005 @ 3:32 pm

  3. Dose anyone know when sh:FtnW is coming to the U.S.?

    Comment by Anonymous — 6/23/2005 @ 11:15 am

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