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SH:FtNW JP release date and limited edition goodies

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According to Games Are Fun, the Japanese release date for Shadow Hearts: From the New World has been set for July 28. The standard edition of the game will retail at 7329 yen; a limited edition will also be available for 12390 yen. This limited version will include a bonus DVD, a music CD, three Valentine Sibling phone straps, a Johnny t-shirt, a Shania keychain and a notebook.

More information is also available from RPGFan (which, interestingly, gives different prices for the releases).

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  1. why can’t they do this for us fans of Shadow hearts in the US?? i’ve been looking everywhere for anything SHadow Hearts–can’t find anything–i just ordered a poster off ebay but i’ve been making my own Shadow hearts goodies–i made Blanca’s wolf bout card-gepettos book of cornelia’s dresses and am currently attempting to make the SH clan figures! come on aruze—-make shadow hearts stuff!!! PLEASE!
    great update about SHFTNW-i hope they release here soon, can’t wait for E3 hopefully some more info will come out! take care everyone :-)

    Comment by koudelka_s_gal — 5/14/2005 @ 8:53 pm

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