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Final Update

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We regret to report that Icaro will no longer be updated.
You may have noticed that updates here have been pretty non-existent in the past year. Maiji and I have had little time and resources to update with, despite trying to narrow the focus of the site. Icaro will still remain on the web as is; we’ve really enjoyed working on the site and we want the current content to continue to be accessible.

One final update has been made to the links and FtNW info section. The oekaki will be closed upon’s deletion and the shop will eventually be merged with one on The Icaro email will remain open, but it will only be checked sporadically. Comments will be disabled on this update blog due to the overwhelming spam it’s been receiving.

However, we are still working on other projects that involve Shadow Hearts. We are planning to release a doujinshi under the circle Time & Tide within the next year.

Thank you for all your support, we had a great time with the site and the community!


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