Theme: "Behind the Scenes"
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Grand Prize

"For you, Mister"
by Feria


"Post Production Party"
by Megs

by RedZ

LJ People's Choice Awards


For ingenuity and imagination, the award goes to ...

"Post-Production Party" by Megs

An adorably whimsical picture of the cast celebrating after all the hard work they did pulling off the emotionfest that is Shadow Hearts: Covenant. Cake, karaoke, alcohol ... Let's face it, after saving the world (again), you deserve to party hardy! You can tell the artist had a lot of fun with this piece; the characters' expressions are truly amusing!

And come on. It's NICOLAI IN A PARTY HAT.

Congratulations Megs!

For technical skill and composition, the award goes to ...

"Funeral" by RedZ

Dark and poignant, this piece does an incredible job of capturing the weighty atmosphere of a scene that we, unfortunately, never got to experience first-hand in the game. The mood is unmistakable, a ghostly, lonely aura as Yuri lays the woman he loved into the cold ground. The artist has done a fantastic job with the difficult lighting, and the perspective only makes it that much more dramatic and emotional.

And the moment you've all been waiting for ... =OOO


For overall excellency in vision and execution, the award goes to ..

"For You, Mister" by Feria

A charming depiction of a scene that could-have-been: the simple meeting of three who would change the rest of each others' lives. Rendered beautifully in watercolour pencils, the soft, pastel textures of the medium give this piece a sweet and dreamy quality. It makes you just want to reach out and stroke Blanca's fur! The attention to shape, form, and detail is also apparent; you can practically feel the light breeze ruffling through Jean's hair and skirt and rustling through the leaves. It's no wonder that it has captured the Grand Prize in the first Icaro Fanart Contest.

Congratulations Feria!

Many thanks to all of our contestants! It was a pleasure to have the opportunity to view and judge all of the amazing entries. Winners will be contacted shortly regarding their prizes. Keep your eyes out and pencils sharp for next year's contest!

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